In this section you will find answers to questions we often recieve about our company, our services and Panama in general.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Are meals included in the tour prices?

In general no, however some tours have a lunch included. Please refer to the tour description to see what is or isn't included.


Do all your drivers/guides speak English?

Yes all our drivers and guides speak fluently English. We also have French and Spanish speaking staff.


Do I need to tip my driver/guide?

It is not mandatory, but it is common courtesy to do so and very appreciated by our drivers and guides as they strive to provide you with the best service and would go the extra mile to make your day a very pleasant one.


What kind of vehicle do you use?

We use new/recent, clean and well maintained vehicles. Our fleet includes SUVs, 4x4s and minivans. We can also provide 7 to 28 passengers minibuses or a 50 passengers coach bus upon request for larger groups. We will always provide the vehicle best suited for your needs.


Are your vehicles air-conditioned?

Absolutely! All our vehicles have functional air-conditioner.


Can I drink or eat in the car?

We don’t mind that you drink water, but we’d rather keep our vehicles clean for the next client as some of our drivers/guides have more than one assignment a day and won’t have time to clean their cars in depth in between. Clean cars is an important aspect in our dedication to provide our clients with an excellent service. We appreciate your understanding.


I'm traveling with a baby; can you provide a car seat?

Yes, we have infant and toddler car seats (0 to 4 years-old). In Panama it is mandatory for all children under 5 years-old to be seated in a car seat. Please let us know your needs when making the booking. Baby car seats are provided for free.


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards at the time of booking through our website.


Can I change an attraction that is listed on the tour?

Yes absolutely! As long as the request is feasible, our team will gladly customize any tour to your liking. Some extra fees may apply if the requested attraction has a higher cost or will extend your time with the driver/guide.


Do I pay an entrance fee to the different activities/sites visited?

No! Our prices include all activities, attractions & sites fees and taxes. Only your lunch* and your driver/guide’s tips are not included. (*unless specified otherwise)


What if an attraction is inaccessible or closed during my tour, do I get a discount?

If an attraction is inaccessible or closed for any reasons out of our control (heavy rain, accident, heavy traffic, site maintenance, change of schedule etc…), your guide will offer you some alternatives. Should you not want any of the alternatives offered, we can only discount/reimburse you the equivalent of the entrance fees, if any, of that activity.

Is pickup at my hotel included in the tour price?

Yes pickups from any hotel or location within an 8km radius from the city center are included in the price.

Pickups from the Tocument PTY Airport zone are subject to an extra $50 charge (selectable during the booking process).

Pickups from the Playa Bonita & Gamboa zone are subject to an extra $40 charge (selectable during the booking process).

You can see both Panama City and Airport pickup zones on the map below. If your location is in neither zones, please contact us for pricing.

Sights & Attractions

What is the best time to visit the Panama Canal?

Early in the morning at 9AM when the visitors center opens for inbound ships or starting at 2PM in the afternoon for outbound ships. Please note the time mentioned can slightly differ on each day depending on the Canal Authority schedule and number of ships.


What's the trans-isthmus train (Panama Canal Railway)? When can I take it? (the train is currently not operational)

The Panama Canal Railway is one of the greatest train rides of the world. Along with its colorful history, the railroad follows a picturesque path across the Isthmus of Panama. The line flanks the Panama Canal passing through lush rainforests, cruising alongside the Canal’s locks, through the historic Gaillard Cut and gliding over slender causeways in Gatun Lake.


The schedule is from Monday to Friday

Departure time from Panama City to Colon is at 7:15AM

Departure time from Colon to Panama City is at 5:15PM


The train ride is an optional item that can be added to our Portobelo (Caribbean coast) tours for an extra charge of $30 per adult and $20 per child.


Where do I meet my driver?

At the airport, our drivers will meet you at your exit of the secure area. After going through customs and baggage check, please make your way to the exit. Your driver will be waiting for you in the main arrivals hall holding a sign with your name. For hotels and condo buildings pick-ups, our driver will wait for you in the lobby area.


If my flight arrives late, will the driver wait for me?

Yes! He will not leave without you. As best as we can, we try to monitor all flights online and make sure that your driver is there when you arrive. From the announced arrival time, we include a 90 mins time in our prices. An extra of $10 per 30 min. of wait time is applicable after the first 90 mins. In the event that your flight arrives early, your driver might still be on the road, but he will be there shortly! Do not leave the airport, please call us if you are not able to find your driver.


What happens if my flight is cancelled?

In the event that you miss your flight or it gets cancelled, please notify us ASAP. We will do our best to schedule a new driver for the time your rescheduled flight arrives. Obviously it is subject to availability and shall we have none our normal cancellaton policy is applicable.

About Panama

How are the roads conditions and traffic in Panama?

The roads conditions are good in general, unless you go out of the beaten tracks. Traffic however, is generally very heavy, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours. It can often take over 2h to drive just a few kilometers. We will do our best to organise your tour in such a way to avoid as much as traffic as possible, but you must understand that sometimes it is simply impossible and this is out of our control.


Are credit cards accepted around Panama? Should I bring cash money?

Credit cards are widely accepted in Panama City. However, the further you get out of an urban area, the less likely it is that credit cards will be an acceptable form of payment. The majority of stores and restaurants do accept credit cards however smaller stores and restaurants might only accept cash. Before you leave, we suggest contacting your bank to let them know that you will be traveling to Panama. This will avoid unnecessary freezes of your credit cards. Also check with your credit card company to see if there are additional charges for international transactions and ATM fees.


Is Panama secure, will I feel safe?

In general, Panama is very safe. One of the safest countries in Latin America. Like in any big cities of the world, there are some areas to avoid for tourists and our staff will never take you to an unsafe place.


Do I need to tip in restaurants or for services I receive?

Yes, Panama is no different from any other North American country; therefore tipping is a common courtesy. Please note that in some restaurants, the basic 10% tip might be already included on your check so please verify if there is an amount for “Propina” or “Servicio” on your check.